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HELP! Can Not Scroll Down Interactions Menu

Hello all you web picassos!

I have a little problem:

I can’t scroll down in the Interactions menu. In all other areas the program works smoothly.

Although I have already seen that some others have also had the problem, I have not been able to find the solution.

I would be very grateful if you could and would help me :wink:

Thank you and best regards from Germany!

Here is my site Read-Only:

hi @M_Guen it looks that height of your browser is too small. Why do you have it set this way? When you increase height to normal size you should be fine. There is no warning on window height as it is on window width when you shrink it under required width to be able work in WF.

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Hey @Stan, thank you very much :)) I am really new in those webdesign-issues - as you could see :slight_smile:
I increased the height to normal size and its working… thanks a lot!

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hi @M_Guen if you do not have further question related to this topic feel free to close your request as solved.

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