Help - Anchor and fixed navbar


I know is has been discussed before, but I cant fix my anchor points to be in the right places when using mobile (nexus5).
can someone help me figure it out?

thank you

Hi @avivtech I took a look at your design and it seems like you have two different navbars happening. This complicates things.

You may want to start your nav from scratch and only use 1 navbar. Let our pre-styled navbar component handle the responsiveness and the hamburger button. It’ll make things easier and also solve your original issue.


Yeah, I guess I was doing an overkill for a different navbar for mobile…
I will change it to a single one and fix it.

I changed it to a single nav, but no matter what I try - I will have one of the following problems:

  1. In mobile - the anchor is a bit high:

2.1. Desktop anchor is too low:

2.2. Suppose to be:

HELP :smiley:

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