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Help aligning text links below each other

Hi guys,

I have a problem setting up a text links with a line element below each other. You can see it in the second section with dark green background where it says “Artiste—” . So, what I want to do is to copy that “Artiste—” link text and set the copied link below the first one. I tried a simple ctrl+c / ctrl+v but it always copies the links next to each other instead below each other. I believe this is an issue with the container or section position so I’d love to hear how it would be the best possible way to solve this.

Here is read only link :


Not sure if I understand the issue correctly, but maybe try to change the direction of the text-link-wrapper from horizontal to vertical?

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Yes, this was the case, just I had to make the direction of the container from horizontal to vertical as in the text-link wrapper i have a line element that needs to be next to the text on the right side. Anyways this is what I needed. Thank you very much, I appreciate it. :slight_smile: