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Help aligning image beside text

I’m trying to align the image and text as per the image below (the chart icon and viewers text):

Any ideas how i’d do this? I’ve tried everything, and any tips or tricks i’d love !!! :slight_smile:

p.s i need to make sure there is only 16px below the “viewers” and “Welcome to Hilla Bot Dashboard”

Here is my public share link: LINK
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  1. put the text and img under the same wrapper (div for example if you want to control the width or align or position the wrapper himself).
  2. Change the img to block level (because you want the image to be in separate row)
  3. Give the wrapper “text-align: center”

In general you find a lot of tricks for this idea (or google it)

Also the easiet way for img is to put the img inside p and give the p (or span) “text-align: center”

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