Help Adding Link to the Navigation Menu


I am trying to add another linking to the Navigation Menu, I would like to add “Support” in-between Services and Contact. I thought it would be a simple CTRL-C and CTRL-V type situation but it seems I need to add a separate item to the Nav Grid.

I have tried pressing the duplicate button which adds another box to the end of the navigation but will not seems to be separate from the menu list and cant seem to past in it.

Can anyone advise of the correct steps please?

Hi @chrislowthian,
i dont understand what is wrong with

It is correct to create a new item for a new nav-link.
Just copy and paste an existing grid item, move it to the right place, double click and change the text. Don´t forget to change the link.

As said it’s not letting me copy/paste to the right area. I mean if I duplicate it adds a separate item not linked to the existing menu.

May you share a screenshot with us?

So managed to copy and paste by selecting “List Item” from the navigator. All looks good apart from the word “Max content” above the Contact button is not filled in after my change, what does this mean?

OK Think I have it now :slight_smile:

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