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Help Adding a JS library and content to a weblfow project

I am utilizing webflow hosting and have played with integrating this library on some of my content. Can anyone work up an example using it in web flow as I am having some odd issues. I think the issue might be related to calling the jquery library (either a second time or having conflict with weblfow library). But I am just guessing.

@clarion Check this out

If you need its public link is inside the page.

both typer.js and snipet function are before /body tag.


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Thanks so much. Do I need to include jquery?


Again, thanks so much. Got it working thanks to you!


Great you made it and no you don’t need to include jquery js because webflow use it so it (v.1.11.0) is already there.

I guess i’m missing something here…
What am i supposed to do with this to make it work…?
Is there some custom code i need to add?

You guys have to remember the designer community that doesn’t code has no idea what you’re doing here :smile:

You’ll need to know a little JavaScript to use this third-party JavaScript library. Webflow doesn’t have any special features for this. I’m not aware of any tool that does. You’ll probably need to learn JS or pay someone to do this for you. Post it on fiverr or something.

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LOL :smile: @Mordi_Levi Sorry about that. The js we use is typer.js that as original poster mentioned at very first time

But I’ve downloaded it and put in my googledrive

and, as the original typer.js instruction, I use small script as

$(function () {

And for anyone who need to have a look on what scripts been called from a page we can use firebug extension for Firefox, or if you use Chrome you can open chrome developer console by pressing F12.

In this case, I opened livehelper page and to find what I have called (it is before /body tag), scroll down 'till it is appear, shown as image below

I hope it helpful.