Help achieving Nav Bar with Logo in the Center and buttons on the side as shown

Hello! I am new to Webflow and wondering what the best way to achieve this style of fixed nav bar is? I’ve attached the photo from my mockup. In Webflow, I can’t seem to get the logo to be center with the four buttons evenly spaced along each side. Essentially, a five column setup could work but I couldn’t figure out how to create five with the column tool. Please let me know what you think! Really appreciate the help. Thanks!


Hi can you share your public link please?

Sure Vincent! Here it is:

I’m trying to figure it out on the “Test” page and “Home” page. Thanks!



What you’d like to do is pretty easy. You can create five divs, each at 20% width, and use Display: Inline-Block. Then, in the center div, add the image for the logo.

Here’s a public share link to demonstrate:

Hey tkister!

Thank you so much for the help. When I tried to remove the text from inside the middle div to add the logo png, the other four divs jumped down, out of place, so I just made the font in the middle div the same color as the fill and put just a period (.). It works now! Appreciate the assistance!

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