HELP - 3D Floating Cards


I came across the most jaw-dropping digital portfolio on the web so far and was wondering - is it possible to recreate 3d floating cards on Webflow?

Maybe anyone has any ideas on how to achieve this?


Thanks in advance!

That example is done using custom JS and Canvas animations. Most of the things are achievable but using custom code.

That 3D floating card animation can be done using just CSS as well. I have done one example in CodePen please check.

Thank you so much! You’re an absolute legend!

P.S. I just wonder how he managed to achieve those smooth curvy border across using the clip-path polygon property. Any suggestions?

Happy that was of some help.

Rounded corners are just many points along the path. By the way, to make it easy you can use SVG path values as well, you can even call it from another SVG element.

Check this article nearly at the end.

This might also give you clear understanding.

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