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Hello, Webflow! It's Cody, from TN! 😀

Hey Webflow guys/gals!

First, I’m so grateful to be a part of this community! Nelson, you’re awesome!! And to the guy on the tutorial videos, you’re hilarious! Well done, Webflow. Well done!

WordPress is user-friendly, but it’s just very particular about who its friends are. :rofl:

I need better friends and that’s why I’m here. :grinning:

So, this is my “Dear John” letter to WordPress, as well as my introduction to the Webflow community.

I’m excited for what’s next, and I’m ready to learn.
Thanks for the welcome in advance, and it’s nice to meet everyone!

P.s. I already have a couple questions on a project I started. Where do I go to post them?

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Hey Cody,

Welcome to Webflow and the Webflow forum.

I like it!!

The community here is awesome and always willing to help.

You will find most answers to your questions either through Webflow University resources, previous forum questions and just ask here. Someone will reply and answer or point you in the right direction.

Have Fun :+1:

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@knk - Thank you, sir! :grin:

I had a question regarding the interaction I made. I created it on its own page, and I was trying to move it to a section on my home page. When I try to move the wrapper and child sections over (horizontal scrolling), it takes up 100vh of the entire page and really messes things up. I also noticed the interactions don’t move from page to page. With that being said, I don’t mind making my /scroll page the new home page and moving things over from the home page to the /scroll page if necessary - making that the new home page.

Idealistically, I’d like to move the interaction horizontal scrolling section to my home page above the images at the bottom.

Link to interaction -
Homepage -
Read-only link -

Thanks for your help!

Hey Cody,

Sorry for a lack of reply…currently travelling through South East Asia with only limited internet. :sweat:

Have you been able to get a solution to the issues you mentioned above?