Hello Webflow! I was hired to

Hello Webflow Community.

I was hired in early 2020 for a job I applied for. My boss at the time had a digital marketing agency, but has now closed his business down. I put myself on a course to learn as much as I could about Website Design, but now my skills are irrelevant to my employer.

When I requested help with the Webflow Bootcamp project, he wasn’t very interested.
I want to improve with the Webflow process I have been taught.
What do I do?

Hi @Elogetic ,
the best way te get better at designing and building websites is actually to design and built websites. As you encounter new problems, you will have to find a solution for them, and so you will learn a lot. You can ask here in the forum for advice at any time.

I can recommend webflow university:


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Thank You Maxi, the reply was helpful.

Is there a community forum that exists that allows users to interact with each other in order to gain the communication skills?

Webflow University has been doing wonders, it’s just a matter of communication. What steps could you suggest from here?

Hi @Elogetic,
what exactly do yoe mean with communication skills?
You can ask here anything, but this forum isn´t like a big group chat. Its here to help others. :smiley:

Hi Maxi

My bad, I wasn’t very clear on “Communication Skills”

I started using the Webflow process, to clarify, where can I practice this process? I need live Guinea Pigs :partying_face:

If there isn’t, I’ll practice with a friend or two, thank you for your response. :slight_smile: