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Hello My name Is Ken

I am from Nairobi Kenya, a master in SEO and digital marketing.
I love Webflow Forum


I am working in Digital marketing and provide SEO Services.
Hope we’ll enjoy the discussion over here.

That’s great Steve, Can you assist me please I have been wondering how long it takes for a post/topic/thread to be moderated in Webflow, I am a noob here

Welcome @Kennedy_Gitau :slight_smile:

Welcome Ken :slight_smile:

Can you be more precise please? Are you talking about how long it takes for a question on the Forum to be answered?

Questions get answered quite quickly for the vast majority. And not necessarily by Webflow people, but also by users like you.

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Welcome to the Webflow forums.

Teresa :slight_smile:

Welcome you will find a great community :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: