Hello, I'm Sophie (she/her) from London, Brexitland!

Hello folks,

It’s great to be here! I’m currently moving from Squarespace to Webflow and had the best time going through the video tutorials (developing a crush on McGuire Brannon along the way…). I’m so excited to figure out the potential of Webflow for my community website!

My aim at the moment is to move the basics (landing etc.) and later I’d like to make the most of Webflow and Airtable to build a social app for my community. If you want to check it out, it’s LVRSNFRNDS, a safe and friendly community to explore love, sex and relationships.

And this is what I’m up to so far (my read only link).

Looking forward to helping and being helped. Thanks in advance for the support!


Hello Sophie,

Great job on your website. I really like the concept behind it. I would recommend you to check out Memberstack https://www.memberstack.io/builder/webflow, it is a great tool to implement for member only websites. Good luck!

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Thank you! Memberstack is definitely on my mind but… I have an online forum using Discourse (the very same app we’re using right now as the Webflow community) and I find myself worried with sign on option and multi currency. I need to look further to see how I can make the sign on for both Memberstack and Discourse + see if Memberstack has good multi currency features.

hey @sophspages,

I think you wont have any problems integrating Memberstack with Discourse. Now for multi currency, you can only use one currency per project. But maybe if you contact Memberstack and they can advice you better on how to circumvent that issue.


Hi Sophie! Jumping in with Memberstack’s help article on currencies: https://help.memberstack.com/en/articles/3896728-supported-currencies :slight_smile:

Thank you! It’s not for me yet then. I need to charge my users in their currency. I use Chargebee at the moment.

No problem! I’ve noted that as feedback for the team :slight_smile:

Then this made me think maybe I should have a simpler currency structure and charge everyone in dollars or euros. That would be easier and it’s something I would be willing to do to enjoy Memberstack.

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Yep – that’s usually how a lot of the businesses we’ve seen operate/use Stripe via Memberstack. If certain currencies are a hard requirement and/or worth the investment, there is the possibility of creating separate websites to cater for those specific currencies. Not ideal, but possible :slightly_smiling_face:

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