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Hello from Taiwan/Portugal

Hello everyone ~

I am Kai, from Taiwan, currently living in Porto, Portugal.

I am really happy to discover webflow, as I wanted to make creative websites without depending on a developer since long time. I tried coding, it is simply too difficult for me.

The tutorial videos made by webflow are really funny, sometimes hilarious to watch, love it! I don’t get bored learning, however when I try it out myself I encounter lots of problems, I think I need more practice, and hopefully I can find some answers/solutions here.


Welcome in the forum!

The videos are hilarious indeed :slight_smile:

Surely, also if I can share an advice here, it would be this one: #NOCODE doesn’t mean “not knowing the code”. Webflow is a brilliant UI for HTML and CSS, to the point that most of the solutions you’ll find on this forum are HTML and CSS solutions, that you apply using Webflow. So my advice is learn HTML and CSS on the side, there are a million of courses and resources out there. Each thing you’ll learn will make you a more solid designer in Webflow.

Quick other advice: learn to master Flexbox through Webflow tutorials. Flexbox is the thing that will make most of your layouts possible and easy to maintain, so don’t overlook it :slight_smile:


Well said! This is gold.

Welcome to the community @Kai-Ting,

Keep watching the webflow university videos and visit this forum regularly and you will find a solution for almost all of your problems, and like @vincent mentioned learn the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, that would save you a lot of headaches in the future. Good luck!!


Especially the positioning thing throws me a lot, relative, static and absolute. How they interact when multi layered makes my head hurt a little :crazy_face:

Welcome OP!

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" An element with position: absolute; is positioned relative to the nearest positioned ancestor (instead of positioned relative to the viewport, like fixed)."

So you have to set position:relative to the parent, most of the time. Master this and you’ll never have any problem from now on :slight_smile:

Also Sticky elements can’t have any overflow:hidden parent, or it doesn’t work.

If you’re not searching on 10 times a day when designing, then you can do better :smiley:

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