Hello from someone looking to make a Webflow integration!

Hey All :wave:

My names Ben, I’m a software developer out of the west coast of Canada.

I’ve been loving webflow for a while now and have been slowly transitioning to using it for gift sites for friends and families.

Currently, I have an idea for an integration that lets you do social sign on protected pages. But I’m not sure where to start.

Does anyone have any resources for creating Webflow integrations? or can show me where to start? Theres not a lot coming up in my searches.

Welcome to the forum Ben! :wave:

Sorry if it’s obvious / you’ve already checked it out - have you tried http://developers.webflow.com/ ? I can’t say I have much to do with software development so honestly no idea if that helps!

Thanks for replying so fast @Andy_Vaughan!

I looked at that page and I believe I’ve got an idea of how to create an OAuth based app for making api requests on behalf of a user.

However I’m left with no idea about how I can possibly modify the users sites specifically? How can I add new pages, or scripts? actually is that even possible?

thanks again for your help.

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You’re welcome buddy! Unfortunately I’ll be of no use to you about your development queries as that’s way outside of my ability, but hopefully someone might see this and be able to jump in. Best of luck dude :slight_smile: