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Hello from Singapore!

Hi there, my name is Marilyn Wo from Singapore. Just joined in and happy to help anyone!

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Hi Marilyn, I’m currently building a site for a cliente in Singapore. They are very concern about how fast the site will load using Webflow. Here I do not notice any slow loading. Is there any know issue regarding the speed it loads over there? Maybe it has to do with the domain, should it be .sg?
Anyway it would be great if you could help me to test my site please.
This si the link:
It is still work in progress so please have that in mind.
Thanks so much in advance

Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for asking for my opinion.

So far your site runs fast enough when I opened it and browse around.
It’s looking good!

Websites should run well in Singapore, uptime is always 99.999% so far from where I am.
If they are running slow, it could be due to router issues or where the router is located from the device used.

Domain name shouldn’t be the cause of the speed, so far that I know.

Need more help, feel free to reach out :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome… We miss eating satay at the Marina Bay! :slight_smile: