Hello from Norway!

Hi everyone,

To say I’m very impressed with webflow is actually an understatement, I formerly used WiX but decided to give this a go instead. I watched the tutorials and it made more sense to me.

I’m also signing up as an affiliate. I would really like to get in touch with people that are good at designing within webflow worldwide, that can be of service. You see, I’m also a consultant broker, so I’d like to collaborate with more experiences developers/designers to get going faster. I’m offering clients, starting with myself. So don’t be shy!

Please reach out to me if you find this compelling, you can find me at LinkedIn, please feel free to connect. My company is called Stratigeek and my full name is Jermund Ottermo (and quite unique) so you shouldn’t have any problems tracking me down.

If you prefer to shoot me an email please use jermund [at] stratigeek [dot] network