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Hello, everyone!

Hi everybody,

My name is Milan, UX designer who’s trying to have a breakthrough in the industry.
I have a website which I coded everything from scratch which made me feel proud of myself for achieving something I never did before. However, it is not practical because it takes forever to update my website. I don’t code regularly so every time I want to update, it is quite bothersome.

However, when I discovered Webflow, I thought this would be a great way to keep familiarizing myself in code as it shows structures and elements from coding. I hope to build a great website!

I would need a lot of help as I’m currently on my learning curve.


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@harusoo welcome to the forum! You’ll find we’re all very helpfull. Have you checked out the university yet?, there are so many helpful resources available there for you to get started.


Hey @harusoo welcome to the forum