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Hello community! Newbie from Canada and hoping to move my old webpage onto Webflow!

Hey all,

My name is Gavin and I am a photojournalist from Calgary Canada, and I’m super excited to try my hand at Webflow for my webpage and projects I’m working on. I already have my own webpage, but I’m just not getting what I want out of WordPress templates anymore and since the 'Rona I’ve had time to learn up on Webflow.

Have any of you moved a pre-existing custom domain to webflow for hosting? Is that even possible? I’m with GoDaddy right now and am pretty web design illiterate so I’m nervous that I’m going to start something that can’t be done in the first place by getting into Webflow.

Super excited to get started on my own design, and I’ve already really enjoyed the videos so far.


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Hi Gavin,track%20of%2C%20no%20more%20headaches.

Let me know if you need more help.

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