Height of Items in Blog Collection


I have 9 blog boxes on a page, and there are some posts that have longer titles so some boxes have different height. I would like to unify the height of boxes on each row.

The problem is, if I use min-height, there is one blog box that is a lot bigger than others, and ideally I’d want just that row to have bigger boxes, not all 9. With min-height, two rows look very weird.

One solution I can think about is creating three different collections (as I have rows of 3 boxes) and set limits from 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, but that is not good when additional blog posts are added to CMS.

If I use grid instead of flex with wrapping, grid will also only allow one height for all the boxes if I understand it correctly?

Any other solution, that I can’t think about right now?

Hi maartin,

The best is to share your read only link, so the community can dive in and try to help…
In the mean time watch this tutorial - hope it helps you :slight_smile: