Height Auto - Section not adjusting?

Hey there :slight_smile: ,

the site is getting into shape but I’m struggling with one minor thing and can’t seem to fix it.
With the 5th section from the top with the heading “In 4 Schritten zu Ihrer neuen Beleuchtung”,
I want to the section hight to be auto as in the other sections where I use cards to display information. For those sections everything seems to be fine and working with auto adjusting the height, while the cards are being opened and closed.

But somehow I can’t get it to work for this one section. I reset the property already and in theory it should be working. When I’m in preview-mode it works but once I publish, the height is not adjusting and the whole section height is basically already there.

Is there someone here who could guide me to the right solution?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Does anyone know a solution?