Headline repeating on published site but not designer

Hello everyone, I am currently in the process of finishing up my first site using the Webflow platform, but cannot seem to figure out this one issue:

On the ‘About Us’ page of my site, the headline ‘Meet the Team’ for some reason repeats itself in the navbar on the published site. However, this change is not present in the designer or preview, so I am at a loss as to how to fix it. I will provide my read only link for anyone that may be able to help, as well as screenshots of both 1) how I want the page to appear/how I see it in the designer/preview and 2) what it looks like once published.

I’m sure it’s not something super complicated, but I am by no means an expert when it comes to this. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only:


I’ve also noticed that I am unable to select the ‘Leslie Kristen Interiors’ heading in the navbar without selecting the ‘Meet the Team’ headline below. They are also both called ‘Headline 1’ in the navigator. Not sure if this helps solve the issue, but just another observation.