Headline goes up, when website is scaled down (Responsiveness?)

Hi, I need your help!
Whenever I scale down my website (approximately 1270px and down)
the headline from header moves up and disappears behind navigation bar. How can I fix this?
Generally, I have been trying really hard to make the website perfectly responsive,
and Im not sure if I did everything correctly, so please if anyone would be willing to help
me with my struggle, I would be really thankful :pray:

Here is my website : Webflow - Avallone.io

Hi @Evka_Hamornikova its because you have variable unit (-26.8VH) as top margin on your hero-content. You can just reset it to 0 and start from there but this section need a bit more attention to fix its behaviour

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Thanks for your help here as well! I thought so, but I couldnt manage
to put the headline higher :confused:
Any suggestion with what I should start there?

Hi @Evka_Hamornikova as there is more things that should be improved it will be long article to describe what and how. If you want me to explain in detail send me a PM and we organise zoom call.