Headings not showing in toggle view

Hello everyone,

my headings are not showing on toggle view. I have checked the opacity it’s at 100%.
I’ve searched for similar issues but couldn’t find a solution.
Thank you for your help.

Here with the heading in editing modus

Here without in toggle view


Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]
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@cod - it’s the opacity on the parent element with the class hero-content:

It’s this animation that is causing it:


thank you sam-g
I am still a beginner, where did you find this? I don’t know how to access this view, and do I just delete it or what should I do?
Thanks for the help !

@cod - this is the interactions / animations builder, I would recommend watching this course before moving forward: Interactions & animations course | Webflow University

Interactions are a pretty large part of using Webflow if you want to do any sort of animation. I’m guessing you purchased a theme if you didn’t build these interactions yourself? If that is the case and you start deleting, it will probably have unintended consequences (i.e. animations you thought you had will not work properly or be gone entirely).