Headings are flowing out of div in IE

So this is what my client is seeing on their PC

Below is what Im seeing on firefox, chrome, opera, safari yadada

Any smart advice/code snippet out there would be appreciated.


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I guess you have 2 options here :slight_smile:

  • forget flexbox because it will not work as expected with IE
  • suggest your customer to change his/her browser to a more compatible one, such as Chrome ^^

take care


Hi thanks for reaching out. Yes I will definately suggest another browser. I did struggle a long time to work out how to centre these headings vertically in the div. Flexbox was the only way I found - any tips?

I can’t access your site because it seems that your site share link isn’t working.
Could you please update your share link with the right url ?

ok @pauloram found your site on Google.

What you can try is setting a position : absolute to your h2 inside your “feature-image-div”, give a position : relative to this “feature-image-div” div and text-align : center. Then set the following conf to your h2 :

This should center your h2 in the middle of your div like if you were using flexbox, and it should work in IE.

Hope this helps,

take care

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