Heading with horizontal line on either side

Hi I am looking at styling a H2 tag with horizontal line on either side. pretty standard and can be done with CSS, I was wondering how to do it inside of webflow. Does any body have an ideas?

What I would do is, put two dashes on both sides of the H2 tag, then wrap both of those dashes with a span and then style them however you want to.

In case you want longer lines, add two different div blocks in the same section as your H2 and set their height to 2px, width to whatever length you wish to have. Give them both a background color, then position one to the left of your H2 and one to the right of your H2. Hope that helps?

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yes that is a good idea. I will give that awhirl now :slight_smile: Thanks aditya1
It was the coloured div that I think will work the best.

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