Heading text not wrapping

Hi guys,

I am finding my way around Webflow at the moment by making a static www.Kotaku.com clone. Everything is going more or less fine except the heading text I am using wont wrap when it reaches the end of its container. It drops down below the neighbouring image instead.

I’m certain I am missing something simple, can you help me figure out why this is happening please?

My site is http://ben-watsons-kotaku-copy.webflow.io/

and the offending H1 in question is the large text starting with ‘The Doomed Heroes of Dark Souls…’


P.S: Revolution, apologies for lack of information and incorrect tag names, I was suffering from a serious lack of sleep when writing this. I have changed it now, I hope it has enough info it it.

need to describe the issue a little more…
are you talking about the
The Doomed Heroes of Dark Souls htag ?

And true to form after you sleep on a problem you find the solution as soon as you open it up next time. (Or as soon as you ask for help on a problem you discover the solution on your own…you choose which you prefer)

For anyone as unfortunate as myself to be fooled by such a silly problem the solution was to put the text in the same div as the image and to set the text to inline. No floats or anything necessary. Then use the right margin on the image to set the spacing for the text.


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