Heading tags are present even when that item is not in use in the cms

If I use a heading tag it still shows up in the html.

Conditional Visibility does not work correctly because empty tags are hidden but not completely removed
the problem is described here, as I understand it Why doesn't conditional visibility *properly* remove content?

this all leads to empty title tags on the page, which is bad for SEO
I’m checking here

I can’t use the php code, because the Webflow prohibits it.
I can’t insert the title of the product using this example, <h2 class="h2dark h2weight">test</h2> because the display is not correct.

Help with advice, please, in general, can this problem be eliminated or not?

Not. Webflow only supports conditional visiblity which as you discovered just hides the element(s) with CSS. You could use JS to remove elements but the browser would still be loading them before they were removed after load.

If this is something that you require I would leverage a more capable CMS solution that can either remove elements before build or has server side code rendering like PHP.

Another option is to handle the content manipulation with a reverse proxy but then Webflow won’t be able to support your deployment and there a limitations with that route.

Got the issue with heading tags in Webflow and SEO problems due to empty title tags. Here’s what you can try:

Custom Code: Since Webflow doesn’t support PHP, look into using custom HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. JavaScript can be used to dynamically insert or change content.

Workaround for Title Tags: If headings are causing SEO issues, consider alternative content structuring methods. Instead of traditional headings like h2, h3, etc., use divs with styled text. This can avoid problems caused by conditional visibility.

JavaScript for Dynamic Content: Explore JavaScript options to control the display and content of your titles based on certain conditions.

If these don’t work, might need a closer look at your setup to suggest something more specific.