Heading Reveals Text On Hover

I want my brand name (which will be up in the top left corner) to reveal text below it when someone hovers over it.

Is there anyway to achieve this?


Hello @theillustratrice

This page can put you in the right direction: http://interactions.webflow.com


Thank you!!!

@aaronocampo I’ve followed the instructions on the page but I am sure I’ve tripped up somewhere.

If you don’t mind I’d really appreciate some advice?

I’ve got my heading and I want the hidden text situated below my heading to appear when hovering over the heading but I seem to have gone wrong somewhere in the interactions.


Hello @theillustratrice

What you call your “heading” is the logo “The Illustratrice” on the top left corner ?

At the moment, your interaction is assigned to your hidden element, which is not the trigger.
Assign the same interaction to your logo instead (don’t forget to delete the initial appearance settings, as you don’t want your logo to fade away)

Should work.

Hi @Laurent_Hayoz

Yes just tried it but it still doesn’t seem to work.
I’ve already applied an interaction to the overall “navbar” and don’t know if it’s possible to just hover over “brand” to let the text appear.

The text is still just fully there and when I hover over the text itself it disappears even though I’ve assigned the interaction to the navbar “brand” and have the text in “hover” state?

Any idea as to what might be causing this?


Did you figure it out ?
I see you made some changes in your preview link

Yes @Laurent_Hayoz I set the opacity to 0 in the hidden text effects!

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