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Heading moves to the left?

Hi, I’m creating a step by step page on my site and the numer heading moves to the left, I can’t figure out why.

Here is a screenshot of what I’m working on:

21 (2)

Here is a screenshot after deleting the first number badge:

50 (2)

Here is a link to the page:
Site Link

Here is my read only link:
Read only link (It’s not the first page but the page named “Hur det går till”)

Anyone that can see what the issue is?

I don’t know, but I propose a more solid and less complex structure for your numbered elements, using Flexbox.

Here is how I did it:

Thank you @Vincent ! Clearly the better way to do it. I’m still having to remind myself that flex box is often the batter way to do these types of things.

Well not only. I was lazy and didn’t see why I could not use Flex. But you could have made your three elements exactly the same size and stack them up using position:absolute. It couald also be a unique element, the text with padding, border and outer glow.

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