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Heading in Navbar problems

I am a huge novice to webflow, please go easy.

I know about consistency problems, but I’m changing my navbar for one of pages of the website. When I add a heading to the body of the page, I can “get text” from various parts of the CMS fields in that page. For example the address.

But when I try to “get text” in the navbar, it doesn’t understand and won’t pull from the CMS collection it rests on top of. It says “link to field” and what I want is it to get text from the CMS collection page it’s on.

Does that make sense?

In essence… I want it to read “Local Catholic Businesses Serving” and then the line right under it would display the city name (a field in the CMS collection of the page its on).

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Copy of Local Catholic Churches