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Heading Error - Runs off into edge of screen

On Mobile: When I go to the “Work With Me” page the header “Monetize Your Brand” does not shrink at all and runs off into the sides of the screen. No clue why?

Appreciate the help.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @rhami

Can you please check you read-only link? I can’t open it!

Sorry try now! Thanks for the help

HI @rhami

Thanks for posting. I was able to fix this by retyping the monetize your brand title. If you copy/pasted the text originally there was likely some unicode characters paste in along with it that caused the issue.

Can you confirm this works on your end?

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Hey @Brando

It seems to be an issue on mac while holding shift

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Thanks Brando that worked! So weird…

Whoa! That’s super weird @donaldsv

I’ll let the team know about this to see if it’s expected behavior or a bug. Thanks for the heads up!

@rhami happy to hear that worked for you!

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@donaldsv after chatting with the team this is expected behavior. Shift+Space creates a non-breaking space :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Good to know @Brando

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