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Heading div issue in IE11


I have the the site its working ok in chrome and firfox but in IE11 the heading in the hero slider is warping the text in three line instead of two in IE11 any help would really appreciate.

I didnt heard anything on the issue can someone please help me on this thanks

Hi @pixeldesign, thanks for the post, could you share the published link to your site also? I would need to test this in IE11 and I cannot do that in the preview site alone. (but thanks, I needed the preview link too :slight_smile: Cheers,

Hi @pixeldesign, thanks for the preview link, I do need that. Can you publish your site so I can take a look at that in published mode?


HI below is the published link

Hi thanks, it looks like you have a left margin of 525px, which is pushing the content in IE to three lines. When I removed that style, on the slider-text class, then it seemed to work better. I would avoid using fixed width margins that are so large like that … however, you can adjust the width until it looks right for you :smile:

See my screenshot in IE, showing the text with the 525px left margin turned off:

I hope this helps, let me know if any questions. Cheers, Dave

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