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Headers & Footers like Growthhackers

Hi there,

I am new here and so loving Webflow so far, it feels like stepping into the future.

I really like how the guys at Growthackers designed the menu and footer. Here’s a video of what I would like to achieve.

Can anyone help me with this? I know it’s probably dead simple for some of you.

@marnimelrose, looks like the navbar has a scroll-based interaction that changes both height and 3D perspective.

This should help you out:

Cheers :v:

Hey @marnimelrose

So there are a couple of things that can’t happen here without some third party plugins, you can definitely do the 3D Transforms but the Nav on Growthhackers is controlled by the page moving up or down this isn’t native functionality in Webflow, Webflow can create the Growthhackers 3D interaction but it will be controlled when the nav hits or leaves a specified area, e.g. when the nav goes past the hero section, make sense?

Do you have any experience with external JS or Jquery libraries?

Here’s a preview I just whipped up to show you how you can make the footer
(You have to think outside of the box with this one)

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