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Header with Image + Navbar Z-Index Issue

Look at “Nav Z-Index Issue” page:

I would like to have a slim header area above the navbar. In the header area, I’d like a logo centered, and positioned negatively so that it overlays the navbar (where I’m going to create two nav menu wrappers so I can position to menus left and right, leaving room for the image overlay.)

Here is a screenshot:

Seems like everything I tried (setting z-index, relative, abs, etc.) has the same effect as appearing under the navbar.

What say the experts?

This is resolved.

I ended up inspecting the Webflow CSS to see if a Z-Index was hardcoded, and sure enough, the Nav widget has a Z-Index of 1000 – but the UI does not indicate this unless you give it a class.


Changing my logo to a Z-Index of 1001 resolved it.


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