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For some reason, in tablet and mobile view there is a weird gtml or something in the header. It is not like that in webflow only live.


@QA_Brandon @cyberdave can someone assist it has been a long time

@rsilbereis1 cand we have a live link?


Did you put some custom code into your site settings?

not on this page and what I do have (not on this page but global) has been there for years and does not relate to e com

Do you have any embeds on the page? There are a lot of elements to browse through, and many of them are in symbols so asking is faster :slight_smile:

yes there is an embed under modal reservations but it’s on all pages it’s for open table.

It’s on every page and this is the only one that has this code.

OK, thats totally weird. Unless your site-wide custom code in your project settings is somehow wrong (have missing closing brackets or whatever) I am not sure what’s going on.

Hi @rsilbereis1,

I have reviewed your site and do not see this on Chrome or Safari.

Has something been changed since you last posted?

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

No. It’s just on mobile.

nothing has changed and the code only shows on my mobile version. Still there.

I did just now remove a embed that was global on my site for open table but it has not made a difference. To me it looks like something have to do with ecom

sitewide code
head code
<meta name=“p:domain_verify” content="af76ab16bd9e43e3bd53462493c2b19a”/>

Footer Code

any thoughts? I removed an embed code that was global and no change. The code to me looks like ecom but I do not know where it is coming from and its only on my iphone not desktop or notebook


That is script code for Google Tag Manager. You can see the link half way through the code.

Which means it wasnt inserted correctly.

We go have a place in the dashboard to add your GTM key. https://webflow.com/blog/integrating-google-tag-manager-with-google-analytics-in-webflow

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

and you think this is the issue with the code on just one page of my site in mobile view?

I checked and it look correct and matches the info you gave sans the personalized GTM code each person gets.

I do not know why this would cause an issue on just one page of my site and only on mobile view and the code on that page is talking about webflow currency settings?

it 100% has to do with something on the ecom becuase I just looked at the setting and changed the ecom currency to no show decimals for whole numbers and not that is part of the error code in the header "hideDecimalIForwholeNumbers…