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Header text block breaks out


I’ve noticed a problem with a site I’m creating where the header text isn’t adapting for smaller screens. Any idea why this is happening? Usually it just does it automatically but I’m now thinking perhaps I’ve edited a setting that is breaking it, but I cannot figure out what it is!

I’ve published the site incase you want to see it first hand:



This can have a couple of causes but most likely your text element should be set at width 100% on an element that is also w 100%… etc

Can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to understand your issue?

Learn how to do it here:

Thanks for your reply. Here’s the public link:

I think you’re right - the outer container has a width of 940px that cannot be edited, might be a case of removing that and redoing it but would rather know for sure what the problem is!

Thanks again,


maybe we’re missing the point
this should not happen because you have to edit your text for devices. change the sie, nd it will become responsive.

watch this :

That’s brilliant cheers, much appreciated! It’s strange as I’ve never had to do that before, it just did it automatically. Not to worry, it works now, thanks again!