Headache styling image in flax layout

Hi Folks, O am having a head ache here trying to get the images to flow nicely through the different responsive layouts when copying a style given to me by the client

I am new to web flow and the Flex system is giving me a little trouble.
It seems to flow the hero image in the tablet view is not displaying correctly and I cannot figure our why.

If anybody can help that would be magic.

Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/newford-nursing-home?preview=da1e250469312874c2c781578497a23d
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Hi @Eyeriss!

Can you, please, share as well what view is expected on tablet size? Should image go above the header, or below it?

You also can, slightly, improve view on desktop, by changing styles for background image:

Hi @frontendgirl thanks fro for getting back to me. the temp URL is http://newford-nursing-home.webflow.io/our-mission I have had another play which has made some things better some worse lol


As you can see the payout ideally would stack as per usual responsive. Images first. it does on some but not others and without specifying a height the image get squished on the top