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Hayes valley project

Hi all,
I am following the Freelance web design boot camp on the webflow university.
Now I have finished it al works great except one thing
One photo from the “meet our team” page is bigger then all the others on my Iphone X and Iphone 8. (see picture)
On my laptop all the pics are the same on all the devices.

Here is my read only link:

Not seeing the issue. Did you change the layout?

iPhone X ->

No I didn’t change anything. On your phone it is horizontal and on mines it is vertical and Khasan is still bigger. I see now the same thing on mobile landscape mode (picture)


You did not share a published link so I had to decipher what it would / could be. I ended up testing the home page, That is a different layout.

I inspected the source. All images are using responsive img code created by Webflow except the one “Xerxes”. Not sure why that is the case. I would try reuploading the image and making sure you did not disable responsive on that asset. You could also try to set the dimensions on the team-member-link parent class since images are set to be 100% by default.


Yes! The responsive thing did it! Now every photo is the same on all my devices.

Thanks very much for the help!!