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Having trouble with triggers on Flexbox/Dynamic items

Hello there,

Wondering if anyone is facing the same issues with triggers on dynamic links.

The triggers I set on the dynamic items - seem to work once not after.

In my case I have BlogPost template page with a side menu that lists the blogs in the same category of the displayed blog post.

There’s also buttons (actually dynamic lists posing as buttons) to display different lists from the corresponding categories. Different colours represent corresponding categories.

What I am trying to accomplish -
1.The menu you see with pictures to be invisible initially. So I’ve tried move -100% and it works…
2.When one clicks the coloured links on the right side - the displayed list changes and so does the heading.
But if I set the move -100% in step one - the menu slides back - which I DON’T want.
3. So I tried setting the CLICK trigger on the links to move the menu -100% instead of initial relation on the menu itself.

The Click trigger on the links (pictures) or the icon colours (on the right) that would slide the menu back - doesn’t work after one iteration.

Wondering if anyone could provide insight


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