Having trouble with simple formatting of some buttons

On this site I have three buttons on the bottom I would like to expand with the amount of type in the button. So far the only way I know how to do that is by clicking “inline” otherwise the buttons spread the whole width of the columns. So they look OK on the desktop view but when I click on the mobile view they all overlap each other. I tried adding a margin on the top and bottom but it says because it’s inline I can’t do that. What am I missing?

Set the columns as blocks, not inline. Then manually change the width/height of each button for all devices individually. You’ll be able to stylize each button however you’d like after those changes. I also recommend giving the columns those buttons are in a class and stylizing those columns for spacing, rather than spacing the buttons themselves. You may also want to give the buttons or columns a second class, allowing for specific changes to each button individually, instead of changing them all at the same time.

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Thank you Nick, That did the trick! I just couldn’t get the right combinations of things to do and I knew it was something simple. Thanks.

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