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Having trouble viewing objects in mobile

Hi, i need help.

Objects have disappeared in mobile views but are fine desktop. I’ve tried the display settings; toggling things on and off with no luck.

Can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to understand your issue?

Learn how to do it here:

here it is


Select Hero section and add a z-index of 1
Select Logo section and add a z-index of 2

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Worked like a charm!! Thanks Vincent!!


Hi again.

The problem started again, its viewing properly in tablet but its not in the mobile views?

please assist

I see it correctly for all devices

click on bookings in mobile you’ll notice the logo is missing

because the second logo section is set not to appear on mobiles

I’ve toggled those, its still not appearing

Hi @Starlord, can you please share some screenshots so we know what to look for? Thanks in advance! :smile:

Hi @Starlord, I am trying to see where the issue is, but your logo section is appearing in multiple devices:

If you can please provide screenshots, then I will take another look. Cheers, Dave

Forgot to mention you’d have to click on “bookings” first.

Hi @Starlord, I see on the bookings page, three identical sections with the logo, may I ask why you have three identical sections setup ? I am looking to the design, and it seems there are a lot of elements on the page including these duplicate sections, I wanted to check, do you need those?

Cheers, Dave

the logos arent identical, the one has motion the other is static and the 3rd one has a different layout.

So yes we need those.