Having trouble adjusting spacing between two elements


Wonder if someone can help me. I’m creating a column based layout for multiple thumbnail posts. Under each of the featured thumbnail images, there is a category tag and date.

Right now there are three columns. The first two are fine, but I can’t fix the spacing between the third, which leads me to believe I’m not doing something right.

Here’s the page - http://we-rate-the-best.webflow.io/

when I adjust the column width here (screenshot) if I go 3, it cuts off the tag, if I go to 4, it makes the space between the tag and date too large. So in a nutshell I’m trying to match the space between the tag/date on all three posts on this page. (Screenshot)

Hope that makes sense. Thank you in advance.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Can you please share your public share link with us? Thanks, :slightly_smiling_face:

Sure, here you go:


I did a quick and dirty tutorial for you of how I would go on in this certain situation. :wink:


Perfect! Works like a charm. Thank you for your help Vladimir :slight_smile:

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