Having trouble adding animations to my carousel slider

I recently found this tutorial (Sliders, Carousels, and Tabs - A Webflow Tutorial - YouTube he begins building the slider at 33:42) for building carousel sliders and other useful elements in my project. The video does not cover adding hover animations to the cards, so I attempted to add the interactions myself. The scale animation itself works just fine, but if I have any of the dots besides the far left one selected, the cards will slide to their initial positions when the interaction triggers. I have tried working with the transform feature in hover state as an alternative, but that won’t even trigger for some reason. The furthest I have gotten has been adding a hover state transform to the slider mask. This way the animation will actually play, but it affects all of the cards at once.

Share link: Webflow - Abel's Business Starter
(This is just a practice project to help me learn as I am still a beginner. The carousel is located on the page titled “Test Page”.)