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Having Home Page No Scroll

Hello everyone!

I’m kinda new to posting on the forums, but have read quite a bit of posts. I’m hoping someone could help with this since i cannot find it elsewhere or figure it out myself.

I’m having some problems with my site and what shows when it is published. What I’m testing is having a simple restaurant site with a menu button leading to other pages. I want the home page to just have a picture and not be able to scroll (similar to I have it working with mobile, but on desktop, when published, i am able to scroll. (in the designer view it shows i cannot scroll) I originally had this right but something changed and i have no idea what happened. I have been messing with all the settings to change it back but i can’t seem to figure it out.

If someone can show me how to fix this, that will be amazing!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Published site:

Just set your section to 100vh which will make it always fill the height of the viewport

Hi @vTa - welcome to :webflow_heart:

Thank You for sharing :slight_smile:

I’ve tested your published link and I couldn’t scroll the page - isn’t it what you aim for?

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I got it - you were talking about the menu on the left side… here is how to fix it:

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Thanks for helping but i should have been a little more specific. Plus i didn’t know you can upload vids like that. I’ll try to upload mine so i can show you better on what i mean.

I am only able to scroll a little bit but only on the published site, not the designer page. I want to get rid of that extra space at the bottom of the whole page but i don’t know how. i have tried to set all my sections to 100vh and nothing worked. I also deleted everything (that’s why everything is a symbol) so the body is the only thing showing and this still happens.

@DFink I already tried that for all my sections. I also deleted everything leaving only the body to narrow it down but this still happens. Above is a video if that matters if you want to see.

I have no scroll issues on your site. I can’t replicate what your video shows. Did you figure it out?


That’s interesting… I tried the published site on edge and yea, it doesn’t happen.

I ended up clearing my cookies and site data on chrome settings… and it’s fixed!! It may have been something with the browser or something.

Anyways thanks for the help! would not have thought about trying it on a different browser.

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