Having difficulty with responsive blocks 1440px and up

Hi all! I have a section on my home page where users can click “Learn More” to explore the service in further detail. Everything is full functional and responsive, except for when I go to 1440px and up. The “Learn More” shows up fine everywhere except for this view. When I go to this breakpoint, it disappears. I’ve double checked all the elements inside my link block and everything seems to be fine.

To show which element I’m talking about, I’ve attached a screenshot.

Not sure how to approach this from here. Thanks in advance and hope you’re all having a great day.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Monetization Machine
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Hey @wahsneg , I think I found out the issue.

In the 1440px breakpoint, the Text Block 2 within the link is set to display: none, switch it to display: block and you should be good.

I would also add a bottom-padding: 10px to your My Services Wrapper in the general desktop breakpoint for spacing consistency.

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