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Having challenges scrolling with the keyboard arrow

I am unable to scroll using the keyboard arrow buttons. Scrolling using either the mouse wheel or touchpad works seamless. However i am unable to scroll using the keyboard arrow keys unless i click on the div block, then i can scroll with the keypad.

e.g. of pages with this issue - about, fulani cuisine, blog, etc…I am having the same challenge with all these pages.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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You have height 100% set on element with display-block. This prevents the content from overflowing the body, so the body doesn’t scroll with the keyboard arrows.

Hey Jaymal.
You are using overflow: auto at your main page section. This means that the section needs to be “focused” e.g clicking on it, to actually scroll. Simply changing this to overflow: visible should do the trick, because your navbar is fixed.


Thanks @samliew worked now

thanks @Davidlin_ch12 worked now