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Having a 'Similar Articles' Section on CMS pages

I’m using CMS to create a Recipes blog for an english muffin site I’m working on. For each recipe, I’m using an ‘Option’ selector which picks which flavor of muffin the recipe uses. On each product sales pages I am simply using a filter to only show recipes of that product. However, on the CMS pages, is there a way to dynamically only show other recipes that use that muffin type? i.e. on every whole wheat muffin page, it will also display only other recipes that use whole wheat muffins?

Just checking one more time. Is this possible with Webflow?

Yes it’s possible. It can matter if are you using a reference or multi-reference field?

You add a collection list element to the page and then link it to your collection and build the layout. You can filter the list based on reference.