Having a section appear on scroll

This seems like it should be easy but I’m having trouble. Even watching all the tutorials. I have a Section that is hidden at load. When I scroll onto the section below it, I want the hidden section to appear. I watched the tutorial and I’m missing a step I think.

First, I am setting the section to not appear when the web page loads. No problem.
Second, I am creating an interaction on the below section that affects another element e.g. the section above. Then I choose Scroll as the Trigger. There I seem to get lost. It looks like that’s all I need to do and it will automatically show the above section. But I’m missing a step (or two or three.)


Hi @joe_in_brooklyn

Can you please update your post with some more information so we can help you faster? Things like screenshots and your environment info really speed things up.

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Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure these are in order. I am working in Chrome 35 for Mac. As far as the environment, I’m working in standard webflow.com. Not sure how to answer that question to be honest.

I have one section on my page called bigbreak. This section has an Interaction whereas Initial Appearance has Display:None. I have another section right below it called Clients. When you scroll down the page and the section Clients appears, I’d like the section called Bigbreak to appear right above it.

I set an Interaction on Clients and set the Trigger Event to Affect Different Elements. I chose the section “bigbreak” as the logical choice. Then for events I chose when the section Clients “scrolls into view”, it should cause the section “bigbreak” to go from display:none to a block element. And when one “scrolls out of view”, it causes display:none again.

This seems like a pretty simple deal but I can’t get it to work. Does the fact I’m using sections as my elements cause these problems?

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