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Having a problem with my website

Finish designing my website, looks good on laptop screen but has some errors on tablets and smartphones. errors like when i click my nav icon , it does nt display the nav bar (see it in the image i attached) and the site is meant to contain the screen instead its half way
please what can i do? thank you

Please provide your share link to your designer it speeds things up a lot.


@vincent can you help me with this

Hi @Gbolahan

You changed “navnew” to have a position of auto you need to change that back to relative and give it high z-index like 1000. Then you have to remove the -582 top margin you have placed on your tablet “carriage” class. This should fix your menu problem.

edit: you will also have to remove the -582 top margin from the portrait phone view.

@davidn thanks alot it works now

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