Having a hard time with gradients. Ouch

Having a hard time with gradients. Ouch… When I place my cursor over a gradient to change the color or the opacity. I keep double clicking on the colored square, but 90% of the time, I cannot get the color chooser to come up. This didn’t used to happen before one of the more recent upgrades to webflow. The result is a cannot use the gradient beause just covers up my image. :frowning: Please help :slight_smile:

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Did you not see the text at the bottom of the ‘new message’ screen? The one where it says to add your public link?

Just so you understand, ask yourself…“how can we help you when you’ve given us no way to help you?”

When asking for help on forums, it is always best to follow the guidelines that outline how we can help you. Otherwise it will take a very, very long time to have to ask for information and wait for you to respond, then you wait for us to reply.

I’m having the same issue. Keep clicking over the gradient colour picker and it is a nightmare to open it.
Are you a mac user? I’m only experiencing this since I’ve change from Windows to a Mac.

I believe this is no a single project related issue, but a Webflow designer bug. It also happens to me, regardless of the project I’m working on.

When I go to the gradient settings, instead of the regular pointer to pick the colour, I get the double arrow to change its position. I keep clicking on it and the colour box just doesn’t open.

  1. Its the fist time I’ve used the forum although I’ve been paying monthly for pro for a long time.

  2. No, I didn’t see that message. sorry. My fault.

  3. I would make a video and upload it here if I saw a way to attach something.

  4. Answer seemed a little harsh DragonDon. Maybe could have been rephrased something like: “Hi, when you submit a new message, please make sure you include your public link so we can assist you”.

  5. My public link is: http://karatefires-stunning-site.webflow.io/wealth-takes-initiative

  6. I have created a screenshot to help with what I am referring to: Its’ here: http://savingshighwaymedia.com/linear-gradient.jpg

  7. I am simply not able to click on the COLOR BOX and open the color chooser and gradient opacity.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

I believe nita_design is correct. The strange thing is I can sometimes open it. But not for the last hour. Seems like the actual clickable area is 1 pixel and if you don’t get it exactly, it wont open. Strange.

+1 I have it too most off the time, it’s more a game for me on wich click the colorbox opens :slight_smile:

@DragonDon, no link in this, I agree with @karatefire point 4.

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